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Many businesses and investors have turned to the real estate market, and a real estate loan can be be useful when the stock market looks vulnerable.  A low prime interest rate, as we are having now, entices investors to invest in real estate.

And especially today, many businesses and investors see these opportunities ripe for the picking.  They buy up property and land to hold onto for a short period of time and resell once inflation raises the property value or when interest rates return to a higher rate and other buyers are looking for a good deal.  During this seller's market, the investor sees a better return on his investment than in a risky stock market.

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I have a client that is currently taking advantage of the hot Saskatchewan market.  Over the last few years, he has been buying up houses, condos and apartment buildings.

The least risky way to invest in real estate is to buy up property for renting purposes.  An owner of a rental property is hoping to hold onto the property for a good amount of time to watch its value increase.  In many cases once the mortgage is paid off, a rental property owner can see the property value double.  In the meantime, the owner has the option to lease or rent out the property units for personal supplemental income. 

As inflation strikes, the owner can easily increase these rental amounts to make an even better income.  "The Donald" uses properties in this same manner and has amassed a fortune.  Donald Trump began by gobbling up land in a smart way and eventually building prime rental properties for businesses and residences.

Even though you may not have the initial capital to invest in real estate "big time",  the opportunities for making a profit out of owning real estate is very real.  Don't expect miracles overnight.  Many scams exist, so be careful in how you approach these ventures.  Consulting a reliable expert is always advisable.

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