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Apply for a Canadian personal loan

Applying for a Canadian personal loan online is easier than ever before.  You don't have to go into a traditional "bricks and mortar" building and apply with a loans officer. 

To apply for a personal loan immediately, CLICK HERE

If you own a house, and wish to access the equity in your property to get the cash you need, please fill out our "1 minute" form below, and we'll get back to you immediately.

Besides our online form, here are a few  loan options available for those seeking quick access to cash without too much hassle:

Three Ways to Get Started

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1) Apply for a payday loan and get up to $500 electronically deposited into your account sometimes on the same day. No credit check.

2) Apply for an APR (annual percentage rate) as low as Prime + 2.99% from American Express. APR is the unpaid balance of the loan  x  the actual interest rate.

3) Apply for a debt consolidation credit card with a 2.2% APR as an introductory offer with Next Card Visa. No annual fees.  All credit grades accepted.

A credit card offers you an instant loan, which is great for emergency purchases.  But if you are already burdened with high credit card debts, and paying high daily compounding interest, then it would be a wiser option to opt for an online Canadian  personal loan.

A personal loan is a fantastic option if the following situations apply:

1) You have bad credit and are constantly being turned down for mortgage loans or credit cards.

2) You are either unemployed or self-employed.

3) You are new to the world of credit and have no collateral such as cars, homes and so forth.

Getting approved for personal loan is a smart way to improve your credit score. Plus, it can be a great short-term financial management tool for paying: medical bills, clothes for back to school, or for self-improvement classes.

All Applications are FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION to borrow


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